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Champaran Express CCL
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Champaran Express CCL

CHAMPARAN EXPRESS CCL offers emerging economies, a global footprint and customized capabilities in developed countries and unmatched personal service.

The core values of CHAMPARAN EXPRESS CCL are a distinctive service culture and a network tailored to the demands of the modern marketplace. By giving our clients the edge, we help them stay one step ahead of the competition.

Specialist Logistics Services


Champaran Express CCL is offering excellent third-party logistics (3PL) services. Being experts, we offer complete solutions for effective distribution, transportation, and warehousing while also smoothly integrating supply chains.


Part truckload (PTL) services are provided by Champaran Express CCL, a prominent supplier that prioritizes the safe and open movement of cargo. Over 6,000 GPS-enabled cars driven by our skilled drivers make up our fleet..


Champaran Express CCL offers dependable services for complete truckloads, guaranteeing the safe and transparent delivery of goods. We provide dependable Full Truck Load services to satisfy our clients’ needs,

Air Services

In order to provide reliable and easy air transportation around the country, Champaran Express CCL takes its services to new heights and acts as a reliable partner. We offer a smooth transportation experience from pickup to airport transfer

Speed Trucking

Champaran Express CCL, a speed trucking specialist, is exceptional at meeting clients’ urgent or time-sensitive delivery needs with lightning-fast delivery times. Our service guarantees prompt fulfillment and has a strong focus on efficiency, which causes things to arrive..

Rail Services

Champaran Express CCL is a leader in government-run rail transport, specializing in scheduling freight on the appropriate train for a seamless route. We act as intermediaries, bridging the gap between users and government-run train networks. With our committed coordination services,
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We Aim to Contribute Well to Your Company

Fast Transportion Service

From high-speed rails to same-day delivery, fast transport keeps the world moving.

Safety and Reliability

Safety builds trust, reliability delivers results.

Shipping Worldwide

Worldwide logistics involves complex regulations and diverse transport options to move goods across borders.


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