Rail Logistics

Rail Services

Champaran Express CCL is a leader in government-run rail transport, specializing in scheduling freight on the appropriate train for a seamless route. We act as intermediaries, bridging the gap between users and government-run train networks. With our committed coordination services, you can link freight to the vast rail network and experience the efficiency of rail transport, knowing that it will reach at the exact location and time required. Customers can depend on our efficient procedure for reliable and prompt deliveries, as Champaran Express CCL’s smooth coordination guarantees the timely arrival of shipments at their destinations.

Rail Services – Well Connected & Sustainable

  • Breakbulk and Full Rake movement
  • Full container load movement
  • Lower than container load movement
  • Multi-model movements
  • Offers both SLR & VPU facilities for smooth processes
  • Door-to-Door & Station-to-Station movements
  • Door-to-Door & Station-to-Station movements
  • Door-to-Station and Station-to-Door movements
  • 3 Decades of High-level expertise and experience
  • Single integrated solution provider
  • Efficient handling of bulk shipments
  • Ensures a cost-effective, safe, reliable & ethical service
  • Train shipment facilities to all categories of stakeholders & customers
  • Transit monitoring
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